010: Box of Transparency


We discuss Sandi's Box of Transparency Theory regarding sharing on social media. It focuses on deciding what personal information you will share online before you start sharing. 


  • Make a conscious decision about what is shareable and what's private.

  • Don't confuse your followers with multiple subject streams.

  • When do you start a secondary account for a different subject.

  • Evaluate your box contents on an annual basis.

How should you decide what to share and what not to share on social media? It’s important to make a conscious decision about what is shareable and what's private. Listen to the Creatives Get Real Podcast to hear an honest and inspiring chat with Roben-Marie Smith and Sandi Keene as they share their tips to help you decide. #creatives #artisttips #artpodcast #womenartists #creativelife #socialmedia

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