004: Did You Just Unfollow Me?


Social media can be very inspiring AND so scary. We discuss how to overcome the fear of sharing your work online. And why DID Sandi unfollow Roben-Marie on Pinterest? 


  • Pick the platform you love & start sharing.

  • If you make art, you are an artist. Own it.

  • It's 99% encouragement and 1% negative judgement.

  • There is room for everyone. Be Brave!

Creatives Get Real Podcast: An educational, funny podcast for women and creatives. Filled with motivation, tips and storytelling, these are real conversations about the creative life. What is it like to live a creative, handmade, and online art life? We’ll talk frankly about the highs and lows of designing art pieces, product lines, & popular online classes while sharing it with the world. #creativesgetreal #creativesgetrealpodcast #robenmarie #sandikeene

Kind words from our listeners…

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