003: Big and Scary Happens to Everyone


Tips for surviving creative blocks as an artist

Topics Discussed and Key Points

•Beating yourself up over creative blocks versus being gentle with yourself
•Pursuing another art form as you recover from your creative slump
•Connecting with others in order to recover from your creative block
•Beginning again by starting small

If you’re an artist of any kind, at some point you’ve experienced what’s called “creative blocks.” In this short and sweet episode, Roben-Marie and Sandi assure fellow creatives that these moments actually tend to be followed by “creative jolts.” Once you experience one of these, you would then ask yourself, “Why did I even worry?”

When experiencing a creative block, Roben-Marie tells herself (taking inspiration from Taylor Swift), “I’ll never ever, ever, ever, ever… create anything again.” It’s a feeling where you feel that the last thing you created was “the best it’ll ever get.”

Sandi explains that there’s two ways to get over creative blocks. The first way is poorly. This is a path filled with little more than doubt and fear; where you tell yourself that the self-pity party you’re holding will last forever.

Sandi says this depressing moment, filled with forevers, will last approximately two days. When these moments come, Sandi says it’s no use starting a mental battle with yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Simply pick up a paintbrush (or whatever medium of art you make use of) and let your hand guide you out of the hole you dug for yourself.

Don’t compare yourself with another creative who is “on fire” with what they’re engaged in.
— Sandi Keene

The other path you can take when experiencing a creative block is to step away from whatever you’re stuck on and pursue a different creative activity. Close the door to your studio and pursue an unrelated art form, at least for the time being. “You can’t tap into a resource that’s not there,” says Roben-Marie. “If you can push through it,” adds Sandi, “it’s not a real creative block.”

It helps to talk about the issue you’re having with a fellow artist who can understand what you’re going through. Don’t compare yourself with another creative who is “on fire” with what they’re engaged in. This may mean decreasing your time on Instagram for as long as you’re in a creative slump.

When you do decide to create again, it may help to start by making something for someone else. Make a card. Create mail art. Send it out into the world hoping that what you made brings joy. Only then should you start creating for yourself again. And even then, start small, then work your way up until you can once again create effortlessly.

How does creativity shows up in the lives of artists and makers? How do you discover your true art love? Art is a shifting path that changes you as a creative. Experimentation and education is key to our growth.Listen to the Creatives Get Real Podcast to hear an honest and inspiring chat with Roben-Marie Smith and Sandi Keene as they talk about their own experiences and changes in their art development. #creatives #artisttips #artpodcast #womenartists #creativelife

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