Easy to Make Found Words Magnet Video Tutorial

UPDATE: Paperbag Studios stamps and Art Pops™ are no longer available, but many things can be substituted to make this project!
Get creative and have fun!

Karen Gaunt

I am always looking for new ways to put my art on display around my home. It makes me sad to have my work shut away in my journals all the time where I can't enjoy it more often. Our creations should be out on display for us to enjoy ALL the time.

Design Team member Karen Gaunt is sharing with us how she got creative by upcyling some bottle caps for her latest Design Team project. Create your own magnets to adorn your fridge or to give away to someone special. She uses Art Pops™ to create this gorgeous piece of Art! @robenmarie @karengaunt #robenmarie #robenmariedesignteam #paperbagstudios #artpops #mixedmedia #diy

I love to recycle objects into my art whenever I can, and these bottle cap magnets are the perfect project for this. Very few supplies are needed and they are simple and easy to make. I even have my husband trained now to very carefully remove the caps from his bottles and hand them straight to me!


"Our creations should be out on display for us to enjoy all the time." - tweet that!


These magnets grace my fridge now where I can enjoy looking at them all the time. They would also be a perfect little gift for a friend and you could customise them with your own special little message for them.

Going Deeper...

describe to us where you create. do you have a designated studio space or do you have to share it with your family?

I live in quite a small one bed apartment so I definitely do not have a designated studio! I do have a very understanding husband who has let me take over a portion of our main family room though. The space is small so I need to make the most of it. I have some great shelves and storage all round me so I am well organised. Honestly if I had more space I would just fill it so I am probably better off sticking to small scale!

what is one piece of advice you would give to someone starting off with mixed media and art journaling?

I know you are going to hear this from probably every single one of the Design Team but you really just have to start. Then you have to keep on going. This is a skill that you have to learn just like anything else. I have learnt so much from by daughter about expectations vs reality by teaching her how to read and to develop her drawing skills. She gets so frustrated when she isn't perfect straight away but she can't be, she is just starting. You wouldn't expect a child to read "War and Peace" right out of the starting blocks so don't expect a Picasso on your first attempt either. Slow, steady growth is what to aim for and you will be surprised at your results.

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