Easy to Make Artsy Gift Tag Holders Sure to Delight

UPDATE: Paperbag Studios stamps and Art Pops™ are no longer available, but many things can be substituted to make this project!
Get creative and have fun!

Sherry Canino

I absolutely love to adorn gifts with my handmade tags on them. I feel like they are a special gift in themselves. I readily have them on hand since when I feel like doing something artsy but don't have a lot of time, I typically grab a tag to create.

Design Team member Sherry Canino is sharing with some delightful Artsy Gift Tag Holders for her latest Design Team project. We all give gift vouchers as presents and this project will help turn them into a really special item to give away. She uses Art Pops™ and Paperbag Studio Stamps to create this gorgeous piece of Art! @robenmarie @sherrycanino #robenmarie #robenmariedesignteam #paperbagstudios #artpops #mixedmedia #diy

This got me thinking about creating a little holder for them to give them as a gift themselves. We all have those hard to "find a gift for" loved ones in our lives so why not create a little gift giving pouch with tags in it, that they can just grab one when they need it for that special gift.

I have created 3 tags to go into the little gift tag holder that I also created but this holder would certainly hold probably 6 or 7 if you wanted to add more. 


"To give a handmade gift is to truly give a gift from your heart "- Sherry Canino - tweet that!


This was so much fun to create and with the Laguna Dreaming Art Pops™ Collection super easy. The colors in this line make the tags perfect for gift giving on any occasion.

Going Deeper...

describe to us where you create. do you have a designated studio space or do you have to share it with your family?

I have often dreamed of having a studio space outside of my home, but a few years ago we moved into a bigger house that had a formal living room as well as a family room. Since it is just my husband and I and the pugs we really don't need both rooms.

So my formal living room is my studio, set up with daylight overhead lighting and great natural light from the 5 windows in the front and the back as well as a huge table for me to create on.

I was blessed to have a carpenter build me a huge shelf unit with adjustable shelves and it has everything I need. This allows me to create any time of day or night and never have to leave my home. It has become "my space" decorated with special art from other Artist friends and such.

I love that it's in my home and do not have any plans to change that.

what is one piece of advice you would give to someone starting off with mixed media and art journaling?

Advice that I have to offer for someone starting off with art journaling or mixed media is to just be yourself. Don't try to make your work look like everyone else just be authentic to you, that is how you find and develop your style.

Also be patient and continue to show up, we weren't born knowing how to walk we had to learn and practice and we fell down some of us a lot, art is the same, you will fall down but you will learn from that don't ever look at it as a failure moment look at it as a learning moment.

And don't forget to have fun!

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