Points of Two - Week Fourteen...

Hello and welcome to week Fourteen of the Points of Two Project!  This week Kira and I created journal pages containing details about ourselves.  I recently had to write a "get-to-know-me" for a publication and I decided to do it in list format.  I found it much easier to write it this way.  Here are the words on my page:

I am a little kooky in my ways and clearly OCD in others. I eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning, am addicted to Burt's Bees Lip Balm, I don't like wearing shoes, am a loyal friend, would rather give than receive, am afraid of heights, am an introvert who works hard to be an extrovert and my favorite color is green.

I have been married for over 20 years, I dig football, can converse on many subjects, am a God's girl and a computer geek. My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice, I am a college graduate, I like to read historical fiction, I used to work in public relations, I lift weights, embrace a variety of music genres, once rode a camel and I make amazing made-from-scratch brownies, or so I am told!

I am into a bunch of craft and art forms, including mixed media, art journaling, sewing, digi designing and more. I like to laugh but sometimes take things too seriously and one day would like to say that "making things for others" is my job!

Be sure to check out Kira's blog to see her page and learn more about her!

Have a  blessed day!


Mixed media with watercolor paper, dye inks, stencils, gesso, spray paint, black pen and oil pastels.