016: Let's Talk Coaching


What is a creative coach and do you need one?

Topics Discussed and Key Points

•What is coaching?
•How are coaching sessions usually conducted?
•When would you need a coach?
•How do you choose a coach?
•Coaching as a way to treat yourself

In this episode, Sandi and Roben-Marie discuss coaching for creatives, as well as their own coach/client relationship.

Sandi defines her brand of coaching as “helping people understand what their desires are, organize their thoughts, and put together a plan of action; then to have support, encouragement, and brainstorming.”

Roben-Marie adds that coaching is not composed of one-sided lecturing. It’s a process of discovery for both mentor and mentee via conversation and accountability.

Coaching is not composed of one-sided lecturing. It’s a process of discovery for both mentor and mentee via conversation and accountability.
— Roben-Marie Smith

Both Roben-Marie and Sandi prefer coaching calls via video chat. To them, it’s the most efficient way to teach multiple clients anywhere around the world while being “face-to-face” at the same time. Being able to observe each other’s facial expressions and body language in this way gives both the coach and the client an edge in communication.

When does somebody reach a point where they could use a coach? “I think that that is so individual and personal,” says Sandi. Some need one from the very beginning, because they may have big dreams and aspirations but lack the right skills, strategy, and confidence needed to put their plans into action.

Others have their goals written down and are ready to get going, but need someone with more experience to guide them along the path. Even Roben-Marie says that she needs someone to talk things through with, even if she already knows where she is headed with a particular project.

It’s also important to know how to choose a coach. Do you need a life coach or a business coach? Sandi recommends getting recommendations from friends. Google the coach and check out their website. She personally does free consultations with prospective clients to see if there’s a fit for a long-term coaching relationship.

Sandi adds that she likes to think of a coaching session as a way to treat yourself, similar to a manicure or a massage, since you are the center of attention throughout the session. Really, coaching is like having a friend with specialized knowledge that you get to tap into.

Roben-Marie says that an investment in a coach that fits your needs and personality is an investment in yourself and your future.

What is a creative coach and what do they do? Should artists and makers hire a creative coach? Listen to the Creatives Get Real Podcast to hear an honest and inspiring chat with Roben-Marie Smith and Sandi Keene as they discuss finding a coach and the benefits of having one on your side. #creatives #artisttips #artpodcast #womenartists #creativelife #artcoach #creativecoach #coaching

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