020: Organizing Creative Spaces - Part Two


In this two part episode, Roben-Marie & Sandi discuss organizing your creative space and art supplies.

  • What drove each of us to a major overhaul of our space

  • What are our organizing obsessions

  • How we organize specific categories of supplies

Mentioned in this episode:

Clementine Paper, Inc.
Rifle Paper Company

Glassine Envelopes:
•11x14 Envelope
•8x10 Envelope
•5x7 Envelope

Looking for ideas for organizing your creative art space? Listen to the Creatives Get Real Podcast to hear an honest and inspiring chat with Roben-Marie Smith and Sandi Keene as they share ideas for organizing art supplies and our creative spaces. #creatives #artisttips #artpodcast #womenartists #creativelife #organizing #creativespaces

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