018: Creating in the Midst of Chaos


During the Hurricane Dorian ordeal, Roben-Marie and Sandi share their thoughts on Art as Therapy. During times of stress, art can offer a chance to breathe, relax, and engage in repetitive motions that soothe the soul.

So many people are dealing with some sort of challenge, whether it’s caregiving, having special needs family members, dealing with disease, or going through divorce. In all of these cases, art can absolutely be therapeutic. Being in the moment of creation focuses your mind on the task at hand. In those quiet moments, “Will these two colors make mud?” takes precedence over major negative thoughts you might otherwise be having.

Creativity is not a distraction. It is, in fact, a very effective emotional outlet that taps into your passion for art. It’s hard to get started when you’re in the middle of a crisis. But it’s after those first few movements that you really get into flow. Whether your art turns out ugly or beautiful, the point is to keep making marks. No pressure.

To have support from fellow artists makes the process of overcoming your challenges so much more bearable.
— Roben-Marie and Sandi

In addition, the community aspect is enormous. To have support from fellow artists makes the process of overcoming your challenges so much more bearable. In fact, try having a friend with you in the studio as you do your therapeutic art. There’s no need to talk—just work on your art together, shoulder-to-shoulder.

In times of stress and trauma, consider:

•reaching out in this wonderfully supportive creative community
•creating with no expectations at all
•organizing your supplies in a small way
•creating alongside a friend
•breathing through repetitive motions

During times of stress - art can be so therapeutic and a chance to breathe, to relax, to do repetitive motions that soothe the soul. Listen to the Creatives Get Real Podcast to hear an honest and inspiring chat with Roben-Marie Smith and Sandi Keene as they discuss what it is like to create in the midst of chaos. #creatives #artisttips #artpodcast #womenartists #creativelife #arttherapy

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