007: It's a Lot Like Dating


benefits of art collaborations & how to choose a partner

Topics Discussed and Key Points

•Benefits of collaboration
•Learn new techniques and products
•Reach new audiences
•Uniting communities
•Building confidence
•How to choose a collaboration partner
•Setting a limit just in case it doesn't work out
•Choose someone who is friendly, encouraging and showing up
•Have an idea ready to present
•Keep an eye out for collaboration partners

On the topic of collaboration, one of our hosts is a spoon and the other is a fork—a teeny tiny fork. Sandi refers to collaboration as a “bold stand.”  She thrives on the energy of interacting with other people. Roben-Marie quickly mentions, however, that collaboration is a scary prospect for many, including herself. If Sandi eats collaboration with a spoon, Roben-Marie eats it with a little fork.

Collaboration can be an incredibly productive tool. Aside from benefiting from the shared energy Sandi mentioned, working with others can make up for weaknesses that you may have, and vice versa. You can bolster your inspiration, knowledge base, and skillset via collaboration.

Another benefit to collaboration is the potential to connect with audiences that you may never have come across if you didn’t reach out. Collaboration opens doors and, as a result, you can gain confidence in yourself as a creative as your followership grows.

Collaboration opens doors and, as a result, you can gain confidence in yourself as a creative.

When you decide to look for someone to collaborate with, start small. Keep an eye out for people who you like as individuals, yet whose style differs from—and therefore complements—yours.

Suggest to do a 30-day challenge with them, or perhaps an art swap. You can get a feel for someone based on the words they use and the art they create. If they’re enough like you, but different enough for both of you to learn from each other, then a full-on collaboration may benefit you both.

Before you reach out to someone, put together a plan for how you intend to collaborate. Think of it like a date. Let the other person know what caught your attention (i.e. you may have been admiring their Instagram posts), and how you two might be able to work together in a mutually beneficial way. If the relationship develops “organically,” then it is probably going to be a pleasant and meaningful collaboration.

Ultimately, collaboration requires bravery; but succeeding as an artist really does require taking a lot of risks, so take a leap of faith and reach out to someone today!

By entering into a collaboration, artists and makers can learn new techniques, reach new audiences, unite with new communities and build confidence. How should a creative choose a partner to collaborate with? Listen to the Creatives Get Real Podcast to hear an honest and inspiring chat with Roben-Marie Smith and Sandi Keene as they share their tips for entering into an art collaboration. #creatives #artisttips #artpodcast #womenartists #creativelife #collaborations

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