Vintage Vibe Tag Book Tutorial

UPDATE: Paperbag Studios stamps and Art Pops™ are no longer available, but many things can be substituted to make this project!
Get creative and have fun!
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Cindy Gilstrap

I love making books and especially small books. As I was cleaning up my art table one day I picked up some tags to put away and had an immediate idea to make a book with them. I didn’t get to make the book that day and went ahead and put them away. When it was time to do my project for Roben-Marie I immediately thought of the tags and combining them with Art Pops to make a small tag book. Sometimes inspiration can come from the simplest of things like cleaning off your art table.

Check out this video tutorial as Design Team member Cindy Gilstrap creates this beautiful vintage style tag book as her project. Cindy takes you step-by-step through creating this gorgeous tag book with a real vintage flair to them. She uses Art Pops™ and Paperbag Studios Stamps. @robenmarie @junqueart #robenmarie #robenmariedesignteam #paperbagstudios #artpops #mixedmedia #diy

Combining new and vintage elements is one of my favorite ways to work so as I was gathering supplies for this project I made sure to pull out some vintage papers and a vintage milk cap that I knew I could use somehow. When I started working I didn’t have a set plan I just knew what supplies I would be using. I often start creating without a plan. When I work this way I find it’s helpful to limit myself and pull out supplies that inspire me and stick with just those supplies.

When working with vintage items don’t be afraid to combine them with bright colors. I love the contrast between the two and it can often give an unexpected look. Look for vintage items with fun graphics on them to add interest to your art.

Roben-Marie’s Art Pop collections make such a great jumping off point for this tag book. By adding just a few layers to the tags and Art Pops it made a quick and easy art book. This project would make a great little quote book, photo book, or just a place to play with new techniques. Thanks so much for being here and I hope you enjoyed the project.

Going Deeper...

Is there an aspect of mixed-media art that you always avoid? Why? 

Perfectionism. After creating in art journals for several years there was something that was bothering me about what I was creating. I finally realized I was trying make things too perfect and worrying about how it looked. When I started looking at my art journals as just a place to play and explore they became fun! They became my playground! Perfectionism in art can be paralyzing. So when I find myself worrying about things being perfect I pull out one of my art journals and loosen up!

What creative tool/supply are you obsessed with right now? 

I am in love with the Stabilo Woody pencils! They are versatile since they can be used dry or wet. I love the crayon looking scribble marks you can make with them but I also love that you can get a watercolor look. You can see me using a few of the pencils in this project.

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