Reflections on a daily creative practice

Making time for creativity is a challenge, right? We are pulled in so many directions each day and often the things that help recharge us get pushed to the bottom of the “to-do” list and often moved to another day or even week. EEK!

As a working artist, there are many aspects of running a business and, of course, there is life to live that doesn’t involve work. Days and weeks can go by without me stepping foot into the studio. Much like my body tells me when I am not nourishing it properly, my heart knows when I need to break out my art supplies and play.

Make Room

Making room for art is not just about having a space in which to work, it is also about carving out time and committing to it. I find it easier to do this when I have a goal or an intention for creating. Instagram challenges are perfect for this and I encourage you to join one if you haven’t already. Currently, I am following along with Wendy Brightbill’s 30 Days of Creative Practice challenge. It is free and she has daily prompts and videos available on her site to help inspire you. Follow along or interpret the prompt however you wish.

>>>Need a little nudge to get your space organized? I’ve got your covered HERE!



Prompt: LAYERS

Prompt: LAYERS



March Meet the Maker

Another Instagram challenge I enjoy is March Meet the Maker hosted by Joanne Hawker @joannehawker (on Instagram). Each day in March, there is a prompt for showcasing your creative awesomeness as a maker. The prompts are fun, challenging and give you a chance to share your story and more about what it is you create! Don’t miss this one! You will certainly discover and connect with lots of new artists.







The 100 Day Project

I especially enjoy the ones that repeat each year. For two years running I have participated in The 100 Day Project. I know, you’re thinking 100 days is way too many. It can be if you choose an action that takes too long to complete each day. Your action can be as big or as small as you want:

100 Days of:

•paint swatches
•contour drawings
•watercolor flowers
•charcoal sketches
•art journal pages
•nature photography

It was so rewarding to complete this challenge. My advice is to choose something small and simple that you can do in under 30 minutes. In 2018, I chose small abstract collages and the little kit I made contained all the items I needed so it was super portable and made completing my collages easy.

Reflections on a daily creative practice by Roben-Marie Smith. She reviews Instagram challenges and shares her art. #robenmarie #robenmariesmith #instagramchallenges #instagram #mixedmediaart #makers

a few more…

21 Days in My Art World

Tara Leaver @taraleaver (on Instagram) hosts a challenge called 21 Days in My Art World. It is free and she sends daily emails with the prompt, ideas and encouragement. Check out #21daysinmyartworld on Instagram to follow along - or join in!

CaptureYour365 Photo Challenge

Want to go all in with a 365 day challenge? Take a look at the CaptureYour365 Photo Challenge. Take a photo every day with whatever camera you have. That shouldn’t be too hard for most of us. Get creative and find a way to tie in your art with the daily prompts. Follow along with #CY365 on Instagram.

Improve Your Handwriting Challenge

Christina Georgiou of Bullet Journal fame runs a monthly challenge to help improve your handwriting. Find her on Instagram @christina77star

21 Days of 10 Minute Sketches

21 days of everyday, joy and spirit-filled sketch sessions based on the Psalms and hosted by Sue Kemnitz @suekemnitzart on Instagram. See the introduction video on YouTube.

Use it Up Fill It Up Challenge

This Instagram challenge is super simple and all about using up what you have! It is hosted by Tiffany Golf Smith @southerngal_designs and this year’s hashtag is #useitfillitup2. See the details in this post.

In closing, joining an Instagram challenge not only motivates you to show up and create but they bring you together with other creatives, building community. And, if you are wanting to build an engaged following, getting into the habit of posting each day will encourage your fans to pop in on you each day! Show your best work, reply to comments, comment back to others and make sure you keep the theme and relevant hashtags. Oh, and have FUN!



Leave a comment and share Instagram challenges you think other makers would like to learn about.