Make your own unique gift card holders with ease


The other day I bought a four pack of Starbucks gift cards; the perfect stocking stuffer, but they didn’t come with gift card holders.  That set my mind to brainstorm a little and I came up with a quick and easy way to create my own.  

As you may know, I love stitching on just about everything, and these card holders were not exempt. But, if you don’t have a sewing machine, don’t worry because I offer an alternative.

Have fun with these and don’t limit yourself to the gift card size.  This idea can be altered a bit for money, a check or a card.

I just hope the recipients know that the artsy little envelope is not actually the giftor is it!?

Have a  blessed day!


Gift Card Holder Video Tutorial by Roben-Marie Smith.  Make your own unique gift card holders with this simple and easy idea and a FREE collage sheet download!  @robenmarie  #diy #giftwrap #mixedmedia

Want to use the same collage as I used in the tutorial?

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