Floral Art Collage Journal Page

Sherry Canino

My art journaling comes from my heart!

I often use my art journaling to work through things that I might be going through that I can’t quite make sense of, sometimes I write down my thoughts and sometimes I use a song or songs to help express the thoughts inside of me.

This page actually incorporates both. I chose a song and looked up the lyrics online that would closely express what I was feeling and once I wrote those down on my page I continued to write a bit more of my own feelings. Typically when I am done I like to create some art over the top of it as I’m a pretty private person and really don’t want to share all my words and thoughts with others. Sometimes my art will express what I was feeling on the page and often times my art will be a bit more happy trying to find happiness and peace and move on from the turmoil that I may be feeling.

Design Team member Sherry Canino creates a beautiful collaged journal page filled with meaning and depth. Be inspired as she uses stamps from Paperbag Studios! @sherrycanino @robenmarie #robenmarie #robenmariedesignteam #paperbagstudios #artpops #mixedmedia #diy

On this page, I created a floral collage in bright happy colors with a bit of gold shimmer trying to find the bright lining in all that I am going through. The layers represent all of the pieces that I had put together over time that once made one full happy piece.

This page has a lot of symbolism and meaning to me and helping me make sense where there seems to be none.

I used stamps from Paperbag Studios - Doodle and Daters to add detail and more depth to my petals. I also used specific stamps like the heart and circles for more symbolism in my journey for peace in this page. I have a quote that I would like to share that came out of this process and the journey though this page and that is:


Thank you for allowing me to share my journey in this page today with all of you. Wishing everyone lots of peace and happiness always!

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