Embrace persistence in the face of resistance

I am an artist.

No surprise there, right?

That means I have built a business based on my creativity. That also means that I have to stay creative, day in, day out. I have to make art regularly, and come up with new ideas constantly… it’s how I make a living.

Embrace Persistence in the Face of Resistance: 3 Things That Make Me Feel Like Giving Up and tips to help you overcome those creative slumps by Roben-Marie Smith @robenmarie #creativity #createeveryday #artist

Most of the time I can do that no problem. I love mixed media, and there are always projects I have in mind or new techniques or tutorials for me to test out. But sometimes… I just can’t.

I’ll have days, or even weeks, where I just want to throw in the towel. I want to get a “regular” job, or lock my studio up for good and run away to a private island. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like that on occasion.

Whether you’re a full-time artist or a creative hobbyist, sometimes you’ll feel like giving up. Sustained creativity can be hard, especially when you’re juggling all your other responsibilities.

I’ve managed to identify three things that make me feel like giving up, and over time, I’ve come up with a handful of techniques to help me move past them. Today I’d like to share those with you.


I feel like this one is caused by having 24-hour access to the online world.

It’s so easy to pick up our phones and see all of the amazing workshops out there, or all the new supplies being released, or all the new challenges to take part in, or all the beautiful art everyone else is creating… and that’s before we even dare look at Instagram or Pinterest.

Tip: Block out some time in your day or week where you can just unplug. Turn off your phone, or at least your notifications, and spend some time getting in touch with your own creativity again.


A regular creative practice is brilliant for developing a personal style, but sometimes we get into the habit of making the same things over and over. Sometimes that’s exactly what we want to do, which is great, but sometimes it’s because it’s become a habit.

Tip: I challenge you to learn a new technique, try using your supplies in a different way, or create using prompts that push you out of your comfort zone.


Frustration is a difficult one, but it’s something we will all face at times. For a lot of artists, it’s hard to let go of perfectionism. You go into your studio with an idea in mind and if it doesn’t all go to plan… you leave grumpy at best.

Tip: Remind yourself that these feelings are all part of the process. Nobody wakes up and spontaneously creates amazing art daily. It’s all about working your creative muscle and showing up regularly. You’ll get there.

The real key here is to embrace persistence in the fear of resistance.

No matter what blocks you’re dealing with, you need to remind yourself that you create because it’s your love, it’s your calling, it’s what keeps you going. You owe it to yourself to power through.

Have a blessed day!