Easy Sweet Tea Valentine Video Tutorial

Easy Sweet Tea Valentine Video Tutorial with Roben-Marie Smith #diy #valentines #mixedmedia @robenmarie

It was 1977 and I had a crush on a boy named Billy!

Billy had a head full of floppy blonde curls and a smile that melted my 10 year old heart! Like most grade school classes during that time, we exchanged Valentines. With my mom's help, I carefully crafted my Valentine box with white paper, doilies and hand painted hearts.

I was so excited when the day finally arrived and my fellow fifth graders and I happily stuffed Valentines and candies into the decorated boxes. I could hardly sit still waiting for the end of the day so I could tear into my box to see if the boy of my dreams gave me a Valentine as special as the one I gave him.

Sound familiar?  

When was the last time you made Valentines and sent them to your friends?

Let's rekindle that childhood experience of cutting, gluing and coloring our own handmade Valentines.  

Have a  blessed day!


Did Billy give me his "heart" on that day so long ago?  Not exactly, but he did give me silly putty and I thought that was pretty cool!

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Easy   Sweet Tea Valentine Video Tutorial with Roben-Marie Smith #diy #valentines #mixedmedia @robenmarie