6 Creative Ways to Alter Garment Tags

I Confess I am a Garment Tag Hoarder

Yep!  I love them!  I am not so much of a hoarder that I pull them off clothes while I am shopping...that would be so wrong, but I do ask my friends to save them for me.  My favorite tags are from Anthropologie but I have also scored some great tags from Home Goods as well.

6 Creative Ways to Alter Garment Tags Tutorial with Roben-Marie Smith.

Think Outside the Box

With limited supplies it is possible to create some unique pieces.  My favorite is the little quote booklet I made with several tags glued together and attached to a paper ring and I am especially loving the necklace fashioned from a leather Anthropologie tag.  I hope you will be inspired by these ideas and have fun creating your own!

Video Tutorial Part One

Video Tutorial Part Two

Are you using garment or product tags in a creative way? I would love to hear about it in the comments.

Have a  blessed day!


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