5 easy ways to repurpose your Instagram art posts

Ever spent hours setting up, photographing and editing gorgeous images, writing lovely captions and the finding the perfect hashtags to your Instagram posts? (Not to mention the actual making of the art!)

Then, after you hit publish and the likes and comments have come in, you feel like you did a lot of work and wouldn’t it be great if you could do more with that great content you shared?

Don’t get me wrong, Instagram is the place to be right now if you want to promote your art business to as many people as possible, and I wholeheartedly recommend that you continue creating and putting out beautiful posts that your audience love and value. Share, serve and socialize!

What we want to do is stop feeling like consistently creating brilliant content for Instagram is a never-ending task.

Make your artful Instagram posts work harder for you. 5 ideas for how you can repurpose your posts so more people see them with Roben-Marie Smith. #robenmarie #robenmariesmith #instagram #socialmediaartisttips #artistsandinstagram @robenmarie #techsavvyartist

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be so hard.

What if, instead of creating more posts, you could just add a few extra steps to the posts you’re already creating and turn it into two, three, or even four additional pieces of content? What if we could get your Instagram posts to work harder for you, instead of the other way round?

Enter: Instagram repurposing. If you do this strategically, you can save a ton of time along with your creative sanity AND increase your reach and influence - win, win.

5 ways to repurpose your Instagram content:

#1 - Share posts across platforms

The easiest way to get started with repurposing your Instagram posts is to ensure you are simply resharing them across your other social media platforms. The app makes it seamless to share Instagram posts on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. There are a few tricks to make your resharing more effective though:

  • Instantly post to your Facebook business page instead of your personal page (to set this up, tap the settings icon on your Instagram profile).

  • Mix up the times you are reposting so people who are online at different times of the day have a better chance of seeing your posts.

  • When reposting to Twitter, use the tool “If This Then That” to ensure you never post just a link instead of a picture again. To help you along, I’ve created a video to show you how.


#2 - Pin your Instagram posts to Pinterest

Building on Step #1, pinning your Instagram content to Pinterest is another brilliant way to promote your art in an inviting visual way. On Pinterest, tall graphics with numerous photos and text overlay is considered a “Pinterest optimized” image so it is worth experimenting a little with your images so they can be used on both platforms easily.  

#3 - Embed Instagram images in emails or blog posts

Embedding images is super easy to do and ensures you have a consistent brand ‘look and feel’.  When you embed your images onto your site or into your emails, the entire image becomes a clickable link that leads back to that post on your Instagram.

Pro tip: Instagram is considered to be a microblogging site by many, so why not build on an Instagram post or two and turn them into standalone blog posts?

#4 - Embed your Instagram feed on your website

You can also embed your entire Instagram feed onto your website to keep it looking fresh every day, and best stuff can be seen everywhere.

With Squarespace, you can display it using the Instagram Block feature. If you have a WordPress website, there are numerous plugins that will display your Instagram feed on your website.

Here’s what it looks like:

#5 - Repurpose Instagram Stories by creating content for YouTube

One of the best ways to upload video content into Instagram Stories is by creating a series of 15-second shots of, for example, a product demo or artist’s tutorial. This is a great way to demonstrate the how and why of your art to a broad audience. Make sure you’re getting the best value from your Stories by saving them to your camera roll then publishing them to your YouTube channel.

Repurposing your Instagram posts doesn’t have to be complicated. Think creatively about how you can reuse your images again and again - especially the ones that people really love - and watch as more and more people discover you and your art.

Which of these tips will you try today?


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