Using Watercolors in Art Journaling

Art Journaling with Roben-Marie Smith


I enjoy using watercolors mixed in with other mediums.  For this page I took a wrinkled up piece of packaging paper (it was stuffed in the box of an order I had recently received) and worked on it outside o my journal.

This method works great if you want stitching on your page.  It is hard to get the journal into the sewing machine.  Once I finished my page, I used an adhesive to attach it to the page in my journal.  I use the left side as a workbook style page to track my supplies.  Have fun with watercolors!



April Theme
Color Safari (Exploring Inks and Paints!

April 4

Art Challenge:  Watercolors
Journal Prompt:  It's water under the bridge

1. For the first layer, I added water to black acrylic paint so that it would be permanent.

2. Next, I added a variety of watercolors across the page.

3. I cut random circles from a variety of papers and stitched them to the background.

Photo Jan 12, 4 36 46 PM.jpg

4. I added some white paint through a stencil and then glued the page into my journal.


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