Tag & Cardboard Valentine Tutorial...


-Cardboard, two shipping tags and a piece of burlap
-Sewing machine, glue stick and scissors
-Felt heart (I cut mine from an old sweater.)
-Gel medium and phone book page
-White acrylic paint
-Muslin fabric
-Needle and embroidery thread


1. Cut a piece of cardboard to create the base of the card and trim a piece of burlap.

2. Overlap two shipping tags to create one large tag and stitch around the edge.

3. Apply gel medium to a phone book page.

4. Place phone book page (gel side down) onto tag, burnish and gently peel off.

5. Apply a small amount of white acrylic paint to tag and edges of cardbard.

6. Pleat and stitch a piece of muslin fabric.

7. Stitch burlap scrap and muslin ruffle to tag.

8. Using embroidery thread, stitch onto felt heart.

9. Stitch tag to cardboard base.  Adhere buttons and heart with adhesive.