Points of Two - Week 28...


Hello and welcome to week twenty-eight of the Points of Two Project!  This week Kira and I decided to do a creative writing exercise for our journaling and it was a lot of fun.  I found this site called Story Spinner Online and it gives you the starting points for your story.  We have ten minutes to write whatever comes to mind.  Here is the one I used:

Setting for the story: at a bazaar

Starting phrase for the story:  I had a captive audience so I

Four words we had to use in the story:  zest, generosity, poison and dissonance

My goofy story:

“I had a captive audience so I  took my zest for life and hopped onto the antique sidebar for sale at the bazaar.  I’m a terrible singer but the dissonance between my peppy personality and scratchy vocal chords made for a silly song.  The audience grew and my generosity increased as I broke out into dance to match my song.  The crowd went wild with excitement. I felt a rush through my veins and took it for an extra dose of energy.  I was mistaken as the feeling of poison grew in my veins.  Suddenly the heat of the day zapped me and I crashed to the concrete, knocking over the tiny rocker in my way.  That rocker cost me $120 bucks but the applause was well worth it!”

Have a  blessed day!



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