Points of Two - Week 22

Hello and welcome to week Twenty-two of the Points of Two Project!  Kira and I took a walk down memory lane this week.  I could not visit my old school as Kira did, but I got out some old photos of my days during middle school and reminisced that way.  My father was in the Navy so we moved around a lot.  I grew up on base/military housing in a place called MenRiv.  It was like living in our own little world; it actually was our own little world.  We had everything we needed there.  We played softball during the spring, spent all day at the pool during the summers, football and cheerleading in winter months and hung out at the youth center most weekends.  We spent countless hours outside and walked or rode our bikes everywhere.  I feel blessed to have been raised in such a place!

Have a  blessed day!




Most items for my page were created with paper and paints, etc. and then scanned in to create a new digital kit I am releasing on June 25 at the CatScrap.  Watch for upcoming details!

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