Points of Two - Week Eighteen...

Hello and welcome to week Eighteen of the Points of Two Project!  I love circles and this week is all about them.  I decided to create a digital journal page this week, using all digi items.  I recently purchased some colored doodle circles and added some stitches and a circle dater.  I also hand wrote the alphabet and scanned the letters into the computer and created a set of brushes with them.  They are messy and not so perfect, but I like them.

cir·cle:  [sur-kuhl] Show IPA noun, verb,-cled, -cling. –noun

1. a closed plane curve consisting of all points at a given distance from a point within it called the center.
2. the portion of a plane bounded by such a curve.
3. any circular or ringlike object, formation, or arrangement: a circle of dancers.
4. a ring, circlet, or crown.
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Have a  blessed day!


Credits: Date Stamps by Roben-Marie Designs; Doodley Scribbles and Doodley Do by Jenna Desai; Stitch it Up by Syrin; Hip and Little Little Circles by Sausan Designs.

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