Points of Two - Week 44...

Hello and welcome to week fourty-four of the Points of Two Project! This week Kira and I interpreted "Between the Lines" for our theme! I started by adding gesso to the base of the page and then used my fingers to paint circles of color to the page.  I dipped the end of a skewer into sumi ink and "dragged" the end across the page to achieve the lines.  I added some swipes of white gesso around the circles, doodled around them with a charcoal pencil and used a circle rubber stamp to outline them as well!  Before journaling, I dribbled some black ink onto the page to create the splatters.

See that pinkish color between the circles?  There was another circle there and I messed it up so I had to cover it with gesso.  I kept working it and didn't like the results so I kept covering it.  As it is, I like the way the hint of color peeks through.

Have a  blessed day!




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