Points of Two - Week One...

Points of Two is a year-long exploration into the differences in all of us. We aim to journal focusing on the same idea, but create very different pages – two points of view, two different styles, brought together to showcase the idea that there is no wrong way to journal and everything you create is art. Join us as we journal the year, creating and exploring the space between and discovering how small that gap really is. The "two" are:  Me and Kira!

Today, Kira and I focused on our surroundings and how they differ!  I spent some time last week at the beach with my sister and her hubby.  January is a wonderful month in Florida as our average temperature is around 70 degrees.  Although we had a cold front come through a couple of weeks ago, the beach was still very relaxing and gorgeous! I created my journal page using digital items.  The paper was created with stencils and paint and then scanned into my computer.  The photo was blended with the paper and I then added doodles, labels and other items to finish my page. 

Visit Kira's blog to read more about her journal page and how she approached it!

Each Friday, Kira and I will be sharing our artwork with the 'Points of Two' project. We will be posting our idea for the week on our blog's around Monday, so tune in and play along with us! 

Have a  blessed day!


Roben-Marie's Journal Page

Credits: Stenciled Papers Four & Messy Imperfect Stitches {Roben-Marie Designs}; My 365 Days Element Pack {JanaM}; Date Rings {Gypsy Couture and Journal Labels {Jackie Eckles}.

Kira's Journal Page