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Points of Two - Week Four...

Hello and welcome to week four of the Points of Two Project!  This week Kira and I set about on a "Kindess Mission" to find opportunities to bring joy to others by doing good things.  This past week we focused on this quote by Booker T. Washington:  "I learned long ago that those who are the happiest are those who do the most for others."  Our mission for the week was to bring joy to others through simple things. 

I have two friends that live in an assisted living facility, Harry {103 years old} and Jim {74 yers old} and they don't get a lot of visitors.  I decided to bake them cookies and drop in for a visit.  They are so sweet and think I am the best cook!  They actually brightened my day!  I also had the opportunity to buy a lady at Starbucks her coffee. She asked m why and I told her about this weeks theme and about the project.  She and I talked a little about art journaling and I told her about my work.  What a great way to make some's day and strike up a conversation!

Be sure to check out Kira's blog for more information about her word and what it means to her.

Thank-you to everyone who is following our journey and for your kind comments!  We really appreciate it!

Have a  blessed day!


Credits: Date Rings by Gypsy Couture available at The DigiChick, Xperimental II by Altered Artistry, Random Alphabet Vol. 3 by Dysfunctional Design available at The DigiChick and Studio Remnants by Sherrie JD.

Reader Comments (4)

Hi Roben-Marie ... what a good soul you have! In Canada we have a coffee shop called Tim Horton's which is as popular as Starbuck's is here (we have SB's too:) and it is a Canadian tradition that when you go through the drive thru you "pay it forward". It is the best feeling knowing that the car behind you will have such a nice surprise when they pull up to the window and their order is paid for. It is an even nicer feeling when it happens to you!! Knowing someone cares can never be felt enough.

And baking cookies for your 'friends' is a kindness that comes from the heart. To know that you take time out of your busy schedule to do these things makes you a very special person. I love to bake ... my hips don't need it so....I shoo it out the door asap with my husband for his colleagues or his clients and sometimes he brings back requests ... THAT makes my heart happy!!

We live in the DC metro area and are being absolutely "dumped" on ... woke up to 18" of snow with another 10" on the way! (This storm rivals anything I have ever experienced in Canada!!) It is a perfect day to create and I am going to attempt to do some mail art with the supplies you so kindly sent me for one of your blog give aways ... can't wait to get started.

Have a great weekend! Keep on inspiring those of us who sometimes forget just how lucky we are...


February 6, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPeggy

oh that's wonderful! i think old folks are awesome. when my grandmother was in a nursing home, i used to visit her once or twice a week during my lunch hour and i so enjoyed eating lunch with her and all her "friends" there at the facility. some of them told the funniest stories. and even the ones who didn't talk much just seemed to be so happy that i was there. you never realize what a simple visit can do for someone like that until you start doing it regularly. my nana died a couple weeks after my girls were born, but i still think about those folks there. my students and i now do a "senior prom" every year for a nursing home near our campus. it's my favorite event of the year!

February 6, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKelly Warren

What an inspiration you are. I have had a tough weekend, so to end my day by reading your sweet post about giving back, you've brought joy to my life in this moment for sure. :) I also believe the way to genuine peace in life is to focus on the needs of others, and I appreciate that reminder in your blog. Your envelopes are stunning, BTW. LOVE them! Take care and may your giving spirit continue to bless others. You have certainly blessed my spirit tonight.

February 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLaurie

i really adore the journaling shapes on roben-marie's pg. the combination of the 3. i'm eager to try something like that, i also like what looks like hand drawn scribbles with pen over the layers of what looks like colored paint. i see kira's patchwork collage on the left with her dreamy paint techniques, but that booker t. washington quote melts my heart!

June 19, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterteddi

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