Points of Two - Week Five...

Hello and welcome to week five of the Points of Two Project!  This week Kira and I were to take a photograph of a gift that holds special meeting to us and journal about it.  I chose a framed photo and poem that my pop gave me.  When I was in high school I loved writing poetry.  I wrote one about an old house, which as inspired by a black and white photo in one of my school text books.  Years later, my pop gave me the framed poem as a gift.  It astonished me that he was able to find that text book so many years later and even more so that he even remembered the photo.  I was thrilled and cherish this wonderful gift, especially since he passed away in 2002.  I still have no idea how he located that book.  He kept that as his little secret! :)

Be sure to check out Kira's blog for more information about her special gift and what it means to her.

Have a  blessed day!


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