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Mixed Media Artist, Designer and Instructor
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My name is Roben-Marie and I provide ideas, inspiration and quality instruction for hobbyists and art entrepreneurs.


I teach artists  from beginners to those making a living from their art through my blog and my popular online workshops.

As an artist, instructor and woman of faith, my mission is to serve others and help them get the most out of their art as a hobby, or as a business. My own desire to learn and unquenchable curiosity keeps my fingers messy and my heart happy.

I have been a working artist for the last fifteen years, and am self-taught, so I believe that anyone can cultivate their creative spark. I've taught mixed media art workshops and retreats across the U.S. and my work has been featured in countless books and industry magazines including: Journal It!, The Artist Unique, Creative Lettering Workshop, Art Saves, Exhibition 36, Journal Revolution, A World of Artist Journal Pages, 1000 Artist Journal Pages, "Somerset Studio," "Art Journaling," "Green Craft," "Artist' Cafe," "Artful Blogging," "Legacy," "Somerset Memories," "Somerset Life," "Somerset Apprentice" and "Somerset Gallery."


A few places you can find me...


Fun facts about Roben-Marie



What is one thing you can’t live without?

I would go short of crazy without lip balm. They are located in all rooms of my house and I sleep with one under my pillow.


What career would be a runner up to what you do now?

Either a set stylist for movies or a Special Teams Coordinator for an NFL team. I love football!


Is there anything you wanted to accomplish in life, but haven't yet?

Oh, yes! Ever since I was 15 I have wanted to learn American Sign Language. I know the alphabet and a couple dozen words, but it is still on my bucket list.


How do you relax?

I read and I’m especially fond of psychological and military thrillers and I love learning the meaning of new words when reading British authors.


Do you have a nickname?

My friends call me the app queen, because I love testing out new software and apps. I know it is a bit geeky, but it’s how I roll. And, my sweet husband calls me Little Marie!


Other than art supplies, what are your studio essentials?

Good lighting, ceiling fan, a Hallmark Movie, coconut water and a bowl of Pirate’s Booty!


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