Tri-Fold Calendar Card Tutorial...

Folded tri-fold card adorned with burlap, silk leaves and a fabric flower.


Gather supplies: Old calendar (I used one made by Wendy Brightbill), fabric flowers and leaves, old paper, rubber stamps, washi tape, pen, labels, unbleached wax bag, black dye ink pad, burlap, glue stick, sewing machine, scissors and adhesive backed magnets.

Add a piece of burlap to a folded unbleached wax bag and stitch to a piece of vintage paper.

Doodle on edges of vintage paper and adhere to folded calendar page to great a flap.

Adhere assorted washi tape on the inside of card.

Embellish inside of card with assorted rubber art stamps.

Add scrap and book paper to the inside of card with glue and washi tape. Add more rubber stamping and a label with desired sentiment.

Cut two pieces of adhesive backed magnets and adhere to flap and front of card.

Embellish the outside of the card with handmade paper and washi tape.

Hand write message on the inside of the card.

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