Points of Two - Week 27...

Hello and welcome to week twenty-seven of the Points of Two Project! Who says a journal entry has to be made on paper!?  This week Kira and I created puffy hearts with fabrics, stitching and more and journaled right on them! :)  I began by staining some muslin fabric with instant coffee and water and then let it dry. I created my pattern from a paper towel.  I "messy" stitched lace onto the front piece, stamped and journaled with a black pen.  I created a small cluster for the top right with lace, white muslin and tulle.  I used embroidery floss to create the line of x's and then stamped on the date.  I stitched the cluster to the heart with a little polyfill underneath.  Lastly, I "messy" stitched the front and back together!

Have a  blessed day!





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