Your Art, Your Stories  
Uniting Your Artful Stories into a Meaningful Tapestry

Challenging my creativity on a daily basis is the main reason I joined The 100 Day Project hosted by Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomson.

Incorporating a beautiful catalogue photo inspired me in ways that were surprising and stretching. One hundred days was an incredible growth experience and the resulting mixed media pieces with coordinating stories are the backbone of this workshop.  Instagram: #100daysofanthropologiestories


Choosing my favorite 12 pieces wasn’t easy, but I have done just that and will walk you through the in-depth, step-by-step process of EACH PIECE intentionally using scraps and leftover bits to create art with meaning, purpose and story.

Become comfortable with using what you have stashed away rather than a long purchased supply list. Bring your style and intuition to the table and I will provide the inspiration and guidance you need to succeed.


Gather those beautiful projects and we'll create a colorful, textured, stitched, fabric wall art hanging sure to take your breath away.

Hang this in a place of honor to remind you of the meaningful artist you are.


Grab my new workshop
at a special price!

I am eager for you to join me on this journey of color and story.