Cindy gilstrap

Cindy is a Mom to two awesome kids and to two crazy rescue pups. She is a self-taught mixed media artist from Texas with a love for art journaling, messy paint palettes, vintage paper, stitching, vintage fabric, and new art supplies.

It’s not unusual for her to run errands with paint on her clothes. She loves combining old and new, creating quirky art, and inspiring others. She believes creative play is so important and tries to make it a daily habit.

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Torrie is the artist behind Fox + Hazel. She is an artist, designer, wife and mother of three kids aged 5 and under. Torrie chronicles her own art journey on her blog and Instagram.

Through process videos, blogging and teaching online workshops,  Torrie is passionate about sparking creativity in others and teaching others how to unlock their own creativity.  

She loves art journaling, Game of Thrones, punk music and would have a coffee IV if they existed

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Kristin Peterson

Kristin is a third generation artist originally from South Dakota, now residing just inside Minnesota. She loves color, collage and all things worn and loved.

Kristin is always exploring and expanding the creative depths of acrylic paint. She very much enjoys vintage collage work, art journaling and mixed media. Her paintings contain a vibrant mix of color and a little funk, sprinkled with a hint of sensibility. And, if she can stuff it into her sewing machine, she will.

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When Sue’s son was born about 30 years ago, she turned her brief free moments toward art. Now, as a full-time artist, she creates to inspire and encourage you — ok, herself a bit, too!

Second only to her passion for Jesus, she’s found she has a passion for teaching and leading others, helping them to become the confident artist they are meant to be. Whether a beginner or having dabbled for years, you will enjoy her “hey – we can do this!” approach.

This fall, her book "Bible Journaling: Honoring the Spirit" was published and is now available at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Jo-ann’s and on Amazon.

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Laurie is a mixed media artist, lover of fabric, clay, paper and anything else that sparks her interest. She fell madly in love with mixed media art a few years ago. She can’t choose a favorite color.  She has enough paint brushes to be dangerous but loves to paint with her fingers a lot of the time. In most of her videos you can hear the sound of her beagle snoring at some point.

She loves spending time in her art studio and enjoys making videos to share what she loves doing with others in the hopes that she will inspire and encourage others to do what they love too.

She sees beauty in all the seasons. She loves the Lord and is very thankful for His hand on her life.

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Anna loves wandering to observe the little things. She sees beauty in mundane things and enjoys capturing it through her camera lens. She loves good writing, heart-filled, warm, cozy literature (no horror genres for her).

She seeks the JOY in Christ - he is the One she rests in for her salvation. Anna is an unschooling mama to three precious souls. She has a long-suffering and devoted hubby of 22 years. She likes using adjectives a lot. She adore all shades of
PINK, teal, and all the deep hues of purple. One day she wants to own a yellow, quirky and cutesy art studio, but until then, her kitchen table is where she creates.



Jenni lives in rural Michigan where she raises dogs, goats, chickens, kids, and any other stray animal that stumble into her yard.

When she’s not doing that, she creates. She like to dabble in many different realms of the art world, but art journaling is her favorite. It is just so freeing and forgiving.

Don't like what you did? Paint over it, or even tear it out and save it for another project.

She loves sharing what she does with others and above all, showing people art, like life, doesn't have to be perfect to be considered beautiful.

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Ashli (a.k.a. soapHOUSEmama) lives with her husband and four girls, aged 12 and under, in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Ashli is a recovering graphic designer and when she is not busy homeschooling her kiddos, you can find her drinking copious amounts of coffee while playing with paint and pretty paper in her studio.

Ashli loves creative expression through art journaling, memory keeping, mail art, and much more! No matter what she is working on, it usually involves lots of messy, painty fun!

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Kristi is the mama to three beautiful children and the wife to an amazing, hard working man. She lives with her family at the Jersey Shore.

Kristi enjoys all areas of mixed media and can be found most often creating altered art tags with strong, positive messages.  She also enjoys working in her many art journals where she can creatively express and document her day to day life. Kristi has a love for bright, vibrant colors and a strong affection for white Uniball Signo gel pens.

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