Please Read These 5 Rules Before Joining


No Promotions or Selling Allowed in Posts or Comments

Examples of a promo: your new freebie, your email address, an image with your business name or website on it, asking for feedback on your website, your own blog post, your guest blog post, your products/services, your website, when you are broadcasting on Facebook, your new hashtag, affiliate links, your Facebook group, page, etc.

If someone requests your email or website, message them privately.

Promos will be deleted without warning. People who continually promote themselves will be removed without warning. If you aren't sure why your post was removed or you have any questions, please email

Be Kind and Helpful

Some people might not agree with you and that is okay. This is a place to share ideas and our art, not to "be right".  If you are publicly shaming someone, a group of people or being rude, you will be removed. Treat others with respect and kindness. We’re here to support one another, be inspired and have fun.

Give Value

Ask questions, answer questions, give opinions and insights! We’re all here to support each other and be real. You can give value by asking questions, answering questions, sharing something that has worked for you, etc. 

Prompt Discussion with Relevant Content

Please only share original content that is relevant to the group.  Admins will post links that are helpful to members. Please don’t post inspirational quote images or other content seeking to gain attention for your business or brand.

A Few More Things

Facebook live and posting of videos is only to be used by group admins or admin approved guests.  

Please, no linking. Wednesday there will be a thread reserved for sharing where you can link. Thanks!

No pornographic material, spam or any use of profanity.

Members who disregard the above rules may be removed and/or blocked from the group without warning.

These rules are subject to change to accommodate the needs of the group.