Your solution for technology overwhelm


Maker’s Tech U is now open to new members  

So, what is MTU?  Maker's Tech U is a membership community for artists and makers who are overwhelmed by technology and need solutions and support!  

I created Maker's Tech U after 15+ years of running my own businesses online and having many artists reach out to me for tech help. It was a natural transition for me to offer my services to artists and makers who just need a life line to help them navigate on their journey. 

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Maker’s Tech U

Your Solution For Tech Overwhelm



Maker's Tech U is right for YOU if...

 You feel overwhelmed by technology.

 You don't know where to start.

 You value the experience of someone who has been where you are.

 Your time is precious and having a resource to save you time is valuable.

 You want answers to your questions, but don't have time or want to spend hours searching for them yourself.

 You want to connect with other artists and makers who share your experience.


If you still have questions after checking out all the details, please let me know.  We're waiting for you on the inside!!!

Have a blessed day,



“Maker's Tech U is a game changer for me! There is so much tech stuff out there that I know would help me, but I just don't have time to research it all and, frankly, didn't even know where to start.” -Kelly Warren