Why I Left MailChimp for ConvertKit

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What?  Yep!  After many years I left MailChimp for ConvertKit and I wish I had done it sooner.  MailChimp might be free for up to a certain number of subscribers but it charges extra for many features like automations and you don't get e-mail support.

I want to give you some insight into why I made the switch.  Let's start with a few questions to see if this article is for you:

•Are you a blogger who wants to engage in a more effective way with your readers?

•Do you have information to share or products to offer?

•Do you feel limited by your current email marketing service?

•Do you want to save time while increasing your effectiveness and grow your list?

The top five reasons I left MailChimp for ConvertKit:

1. Subscribers are not counted multiple times when they subscribe to multiple opt-ins.  This is a huge money saver over services like MailChimp.
2. Beautiful, responsive and unlimited opt-in forms and pages.
3. Automations...my new best friend.  This includes time-saving automated e-mail sequences that are easy to create and track...they even have built in template suggestions.
4. It is easy to segment subscribers with tags.
5. Email magnet delivery. Have a free offer for those who opt-in to your list?  Upload the file and bam...easy delivery to your subscriber.

There are countless more reasons and as I continue to use it I get more excited about the possibilities with ConvertKit.  Many of these features cost extra with other email marketing systems but are built in with ConvertKit.  It was built for Blogger by Bloggers!

ConvertKit is the new kid on the block and is continually adding new features.  I get so excited when I see an e-mail from them in my inbox.  E-mail marketing does not have to be daunting and connecting with your readers and customers can be rewarding and beneficial.  If you answered "yes" to any of my questions, I highly encourage you to take a look at ConvertKit

Let's take a closer look:


The dashboard is clean, beautiful and easy to navigate. I am still working on moving all my lists from MailChimp but so far it has been super easy and seamless.

Forms & Landing Pages

ConvertKit forms are easy to create and look beautiful.

Here is an example of a landing page with a call to action button.

Once the user clicks the call to action button, they are prompted to enter their information and sign up!!

With most opt-in solutions, once someone subscribes to an opt-in, the form still shows but with ConvertKit, you can default to a message or another pitch so that person won't see the same opt-in.  Love that!

ConvertKit also provides a number of methods for reviewing your form's performance:  you can determine which forms result in the most subscribers and which free incentive is most enticing.



With ConvertKit the focus is on creating "personalized" e-mails that are conversational with the recipient.  I was used to sending highly formatted emails with lots of images and being in a visual industry I was not sold on the simple approach offered by ConvertKit.  I tested the idea for myself and have been engaging with my students and followers like never before.  I am sold!!


Tags and Forms organize subscribers and Segments organize tags and forms.  Here is an example of how I am organizing my subscribers:

•Purchased Artfull-Attache
•Purchased in my Art Shop
•Purchased in my Paperbag Studios Shop

•Newsletter - Art
•Newsletter - Paperbag Studios
•Artfull-Attache Workshop
•Registered with my Paperbag Studios Shop
•Registered with My Art Shop

Some of these are related to my art and workshops and the other is related to my stamp store.  Here is an idea of how I organize them into segments.  It is easier to select one segment of related tags/forms when I want to send a sequence or broadcast.  It might look like this:

•Form: Newsletter Paperbag Studios
•Tag: Registered with Paperbag Studios Shop

•Form: Newsletter Art
•Tag: Artfull- Attache Purchased
•Tag: Registered with My Art Shop

This is just an example and there are many ways within ConvertKit to do things, which is really nice.  See their knowledge base for detailed directions on all topics.


“Automation rules are the glue that hold your entire workflow together. Trigger an action when a product is purchased, a sequence is completed, or when someone subscribes to a new form.” -Convertkit

Support is excellent!

I have received quick answers to my questions and on one occasion, the founder, Nathan Barry was the one who responded.  I love that he is so involved!

That's ConvertKit in a Nutshell!

I hope you found this review helpful and reach out if you have any questions!

Have a  blessed day!


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