Taking chances and making changes

You may recall me speaking at various times over the last several months about rest and reflection and how it has affected me both personally and professionally. In addition to experiencing a new direction in my art, I have gained clarity on how I want to spend my time going forward.  

Meyer Quote.jpg

Now, I want to share with you the rest of the story! 

First, I will be closing Paperbag Studios and my Art Shop at the end of July.  Product quantities will be limited to what we have in stock until the end of July and then the stores will be closed. I am also sweetening the deal with a sale in both stores. 

I am moving to a smaller little shop that will open a couple of times a year, featuring unique items that are handmade by me.

I still plan to create art and online workshops but I am expanding into an area that brings me a lot of joy. I have always had a knack for techie things and love sharing my knowledge and expertise.  

More details will be forthcoming, but I plan to offer 1:1 consulting, tech/business related courses and eventually web design geared toward the artist. I want to help other artists/hobbyists to share their work with confidence and focus their time on creating.

There it is!

I am really excited about these changes and hope you will celebrate with me!  I will be launching my new website in August so watch for details along with a giveaway!!

Let me know if you have any questions!




Q: Will you still offer online art workshops?
A: Yes!

Q: Will I be able to purchase Paperbag Studios stamps or any of your Art Pops™ and products after July 31?
A: No, July 31 will be the last day.

Q: Are you having a sale?
A: Yes, visit my shops for all the details: Paperbag Studios and Art Shop

Q: When will you share details about your new offerings?
A: My new website launches in August and I will share details then.