One thing I’m giving thanks for this year

A few months ago, I welcomed a design team to of six amazing ladies to work with me and my products and I am so glad I did!!

I was really excited to collaborate with a handful of inspiring mixed-media artists and the experience did not disappoint. I feel so fired up whenever I see the beautiful artwork created using my products, and these ladies have done an excellent job.

As we get towards the end of the year, and I prepare to introduce the 2018 design team to my online community, I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate these six women and thank them for everything they’ve done.

It inspires me endlessly to see how you all create so differently using the same supplies and I can say wholeheartedly that you have ignited an extra creative spark in me and in all the readers of this blog. Thank you!

If you’re new to my community or my website, and haven’t seen all of the juicy tutorials my team has created this year, you’re in for a treat (keep reading for the details).

I hope you’ll join me in wishing each of these lovely ladies the best of luck as they take the next step on their creative journeys.

Have a blessed day!



Sherry Canino is a mostly self-taught mixed-media artist with a whimsical, light-hearted style. Her projects include:

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Anna Friesen is all about the pink and the florals - I love how that signature creeps into everything she does. Her projects include:

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DT 2017 Thanks Post Graphics.jpg

Karen Gaunt is a mixed-media artist with a soft spot for paint, color and creating alongside her daughter. Her projects include:

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DT 2017 Thanks Post Graphics (1).jpg

Jenni Zmuda loves to dabble in all things “art” (with art journaling being a firm favorite). Her projects include:

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DT 2017 Thanks Post Graphics (2).jpg

Ashli Oliver is a recovering graphic designer who finds joy in the whole messy creative process. Her projects include:

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DT 2017 Thanks Post Graphics (3).jpg

Kristi Nazzaro is a mixed-media artist with a passion for putting vibrant color everywhere. Her projects include:

Kristi's third project for the year will be shared on this blog on November 25, so check back for more inspiration!

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