Mixed Media Painting Inspiration

Don't Fear the Blank Canvas!

I bought an easel, I am quite certain, over five years ago, and have used it a handful of times. And those times were when I was taking a class.

When I got brave and decided to paint on my own...easel out and blank canvas ready... I would freeze up and give up!

I have been motivated over the last couple of months to "get out of my journals" and give the blank canvas another go.  I had so much fun that my new Paper to Painting workshop sprung out of my inspiration.  

I have been exploring different substrates, and my favorite are these square, 1 x 1/2"  cradled art boards.  I LOVE them!  I really like working on the hard surface.  

MILES AWAY - 12" x 12" on cradled art board

A few of these small ones are still available in my Shop if you are interested.

What is inspiring you these days?

Have a great weekend!