Meet the design team

I’m really excited to welcome my new design team on board.

These lovely, inspiring ladies are here to share their creative process, ideas and stunning artwork with all of you, and I can’t wait to kick off!

But first, let’s take a look at these amazing, talented ladies!

Have a blessed day!



Sherry Canino

Sherry is a mostly self taught mixed media artist and loves discovering new techniques to use in her art with products she already has.  She has a light-hearted style that is typically whimsical but also loves to mix it up and try anything new.  

She is an avid art journal and as such can be found most evenings in her home studio working in her art journal with her 3 beloved pugs at her feet.

Sherry Canino is an Upstate New Yorker and has been published in Syracuse Women’s Magazine. She loves color, coffee, and all things Chicago (Fire, Med, PD…)

Sherry's work can also be seen as part of the StencilGirl Creative Team.

Learn more about Sherry here, and find her on Instagram here.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 2.56.13 PM.png


Anna Friesen

Anna is a lover of all things pink, feminine and floral. She lives on a sweet little acreage near Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. She’s a stay-at-home mom to three kids aged 17, 15 and 11, and she loves getting her hands full of painty color!

Her art table (ahem, actually her kitchen table) is often covered with her latest project, which lets her steal a few arty moments throughout the day.

Anna is all about color play (but you’ll always find some pink there), and she loves making beautiful messes with stencils and her gelatin plate.  It is no surprise her favorite art supplies include stencils and acrylic paint.

Anna is a fan of The Hundred Foot Journey and declares her favorite foods are winter veggies like beets and cabbage, but rice and Indian food is a close second.

Anna teaches some great classes, and has spent a year on the StencilGirl Creative Team, so she really does have plenty of inspiration to share.


Learn more about Anna here, and find her on Instagram here.


Karen Gaunt

Karen is a mixed media artist with a passion for color and a soft spot for paint. She works a regular job full time and daydreams all day about the moment she can let loose in her journals in the evening.  Karen also works her magic as part of the StencilGirl Creative Team.

She's a mother as well, and loves nothing more than creating with her daughter in their matching art journals. Karen believes that making art is for everyone and loves to encourage others to join in.

She firmly believes that there is no such thing as too many art journals, pizza is the food of the gods, and everyone should watch (and love) Walking Dead.

Learn more about Karen here, and find her on Instagram here.


Kristi Nazzaro

Kristi Nazzaro is a mixed media artist, born and raised in New Jersey. She is the mama to three awesome children and the wife to one amazing, hardworking man.

Kristi loves all things colorful (even though her favorite supply is her Uni Ball Signo Broad Point White Pen). Her art always includes vibrant colors and her signature scalloped hearts - she’s an avid art journaler and enjoys making inspirational art on shipping tags too.

Her core message is one of positivity, kindness and self-empowerment, but she also lives for ice cream, true crime shows, and a bit of Patrick Swayze.


Learn more about Kristi here, and find her on Instagram here.


Ashli Oliver

Ashli lives with her husband and four girls, age 11 and under, in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Ashli is a recovering graphic designer and when she is not busy homeschooling her kiddos, you can find her drinking copious amounts of coffee while playing with paints and papers in her studio. Not only does Ashli love documenting her family's memories and art journaling, but she finds great joy in the whole creative process...which, in her case, usually involves lots of messy, mixed media

Fun! She’s currently anxiously awaiting the final season of Orphan Black, while playing with her watercolors (and inhaling the occasional platter of Buffalo Chicken Wings…)


Learn more about Ashli here, and find her on Instagram here.


Jenni Zmuda

Jenni is a homeschooling mom from rural Michigan, where she raises dogs, goats, chickens, kids, and any other stray animal that stumbles into the yard!

When she’s not doing that, she creates. She likes to dabble in many different realms of the art world, but art journaling is her favorite, because it’s just so freeing and forgiving. Don't like what you did? Paint over it, or even tear it out. She loves sharing what she does with others, and above all, empowering them to believe that they can do it too.

Jenni is all about the pizza and the paint layers - she likes to keep it simple!



Find Jenni on Instagram here and on her Etsy Shop here