How to Encourage Art Journal Play

Are you looking for that jolt of inspiration to get your creative gears going?

I love art journals, like, really love them. I have a collection that would make most people blush.

I have beautiful books, filled with beautiful, clean watercolor paper pages. I have fancy moleskines. And then I have all the eccentric, one-of-a-kind journals I’ve made myself.

Can I tell you a secret? Those ones are kind of my favorite.

As lovely as those pristine, purchased art journal can be, sometimes I’m reluctant to get messy in them. It’s that blank page syndrome - sometimes even I don’t know how to get started. Sometimes I worry about messing up that lovely sea of white paper.

And that’s exactly why funky, handbound journals are the best thing ever.

While playing around with my latest Art Pops™ Urban Fringe collection, I came up with a new technique for building a bee-yootiful, bulging-with-artsy-goodness art journal… and I’d like to share it with you.

@robenmarie Pop-Up Fringe Journal Workshop  Includes free digital downloads from the Urban Fringe Art Pops™ Collection!

My new Pop-Up Fringe Journal workshop walks you through creating your own funky, chunky journal, filled with playful pullouts, fun fringe, and juicy backgrounds to inspire your creativity.

Some of the benefits of this class:

>>> We’ll create these books out of the supplies you already have in your stash (or maybe even your recycling bin). Yes, you heard me right. No traipsing to the crafts store with an over-the-top, overpriced supplies list.

>>> I’ll take you back to basics, and show you exactly how to put together each element. Whether you’re a novice bookbinder, or a journal-making addict, you’ll leave with a lovely, one-of-a-kind art journal. What’s more, you’ll leave with the know-how, so you can make journal, after journal, after journal (and lifetime access, which helps!)

>>> As a bonus, not only will you receive access to the 11 instructional videos (all filmed in HD), but you’ll get access to the full digital version of my latest Urban Fringe Art Pops™ collection.

Trust me, Pop-Up Fringe Journal will inspire you to create your own line of fun, fringed art journals, even if:

You’ve never made your own journals before.

  • You don’t see yourself as a “real artist”.

  • You don’t have a huge budget, or a huge stash of supplies.

  • You’re pressed for time, but desperate to do something creative.

Sign up today, and get creating!

Have a blessed day!