Focus on this resolution alternative when you need motivation

Let's start the new year off with something fun, motivational AND creative! 

First, let me share that I'm not much for New Year's Resolutions.  In the past, I would set them, not keep them and end up feeling like a failure. 

Sound familiar? 

This year I decided I would give myself some "love" and a little positive self-talk through affirmations instead of the usual resolutions. It was pretty simple, really.  Using the alphabet, I came up with words that coordinate with each letter of the alphabet.  Here is an example:

Roben-Marie is... "an artist" "strong" "loved" or Roben-Marie "belongs" - and so it goes for each letter of the alphabet.

What started out as a simple affirmation alphabet on which to meditate each week, turned into a box of charms and the idea for a shared challenge. tweet that!

Want to join me?

It's called the Charming Challenge and begins January 1 on Instagram!

Join Roben-Marie Smith for her free Charming Challenge beginning January 1 on Instagram. Want to make a Charming Box and Necklace just like her's? Sign up for her Charming Affirmations Workshop and she will show you how! Also, grab your free download of my Affirmationa Alphabet Worksheet. @robenmarie #diy #jewelry #affirmations #altoidstins #sariribbonjewelry #robenmarie #robenmariesmith #altoids

Charming Challenge Details:

WHEN: Starts Monday, January 1
WHERE: Instagram
HASHTAG: #charmingchallenge2018
FREQUENCY: Every Monday (January 1 - June 25) I will share a new affirmation charm on Instagram to coordinate with each letter of the alphabet. 
SUPPLIES: Use your creativity to make affirmation word charms that co-ordinate with each letter of the alphabet. Decorate an Altoids Tin or something like it to store them in.  I also made a changeable necklace for my charms, but that is certainly optional.
How do I participate? First, download the Affirmation Alphabet Worksheet (see below) and begin working on your affirmations. Next, create a little box to hold your charms.  Follow along each week, create your charms and share them and your thoughts about them on Instagram.
Is it free to join the challenge? You bet!

Want to make a Charming Box and Necklace just like mine?  I created a mini workshop to show you how and it's only $15!

Charming Affirmations Workshop

I hope you will join me for the FREE Charming Challenge on Instagram (@robenmarie) starting January 1.  Let me know if you have any questions!!

Have a blessed day!


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