3 Instagram Apps For IOS That Will Change How You Share

Hey, Instagram!  Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

What time is best for ME to share?

Which photos are best to share?

What are my analytics?

Instagram is my favorite social media platform because it is visually beautiful, uncluttered and easy to use!  With the addition of Instagram Stories, it is even sweeter!

The techie side of me is always on the look out for new software and I love taking them for a spin.  I found three Instagram apps that I want to share with you: Prime for Instagram, Lisa Photo Assist for Instagram and Analytics for InstagramNote: as of publishing date, these apps are only available in IOS iPhone.  

3 Instagram Apps That Will Change How You Share by Roben-Marie Smith @robenmarie Prime for Instagram,  Lisa Photo Assist for Instagram, Analytics for Instagram #instagram #apps #robenmarie

Prime for Instagram

So, what's your Instagram Prime time? Is it Friday at 10AM or Wednesday at 3AM?

How nice would it be to actually KNOW what time is the best time for you to post to Instagram?

Prime for Instagram's powerful algorithm processes hundreds of thousands of data points to determine when your followers are online, their activity, their relation to you, and, ultimately, when you should be posting to Instagram.

Prime generates a personalized Prime time for you for each day of the week. It also processes alternative Prime times, so that you can post multiple times a day or whenever best suits you while still getting the most hits on your posts.

Plus, Prime allows you to schedule as many posts as you want (including the option to add a caption to them). You can also track the success of all of your past posts.*

Have an Android?  Take a look at The Preview App.

Lisa Photo Assist for Instagram

Can't you pick the best photo for Instagram? Lisa checks thousands  of features while calculating on your behalf.  Lisa also recommends hashtags tailored to the content of your photos and that's a huge time-saver!

Select the photos that you have no idea which to post. Hit the button! Let Lisa analyze each and every detail so you can KNOW which one to post!**

Analytics for Instagram

Analytics for Instagram give you what you need for your accounts, including:

- You can monitor followers, followings, and posts

- Get daily updates and with the Pro account, get updates every hour

- You can watch multiple accounts, even if they're not your own accounts


What are your favorite Instagram apps and why?  I would love to hear about them!

Have a blessed day!



*Information from the Prime for Instagram website.
**Information from the Lisa Photo Assist website.