I Have a New Shop!


I opened a new shop a couple of weeks ago...you might have heard!  I am very excited, in that nerdy kind of way, with all the techie things I can do with it.  I have been asked why I am leaving Etsy.  I will be keeping my Etsy open for a bit but all new products will be added to The Shop. There are so many amazing features with this new platform and I think you will agree.

•You can purchase with or without creating an account - that's a nice feature, huh?!
•Free shipping on orders over $60 (excluding digi items).
•Easier navigation and drop down categories.
•More product previews with click through to make it easier to view.
•Links and videos on product pages are possible.
•Product reviews on the product pages.
...and MUCH MORE!

I would love to hear how you like my new digs!

Have a blessed day!


roben-marie smith shop