Finding Solitude...


I am not quite sure where the first two weeks of 2015 have gone but among the chaos I have made it a priority to be still at least once a day and I don't count the time before falling asleep at night. 


Why is this important?  Life is hurried and busy and if we don't take time to slow down ideas will elude us. It amazes me how my thoughts will "string together" these amazing ideas when I take the time to focus on nothing in particular.  Just the other day I plopped myself down in front of the large window overlooking the canal in my backyard. It was a colder than usual day and the wind was blowing through our oak trees; I love that! I saw a couple of ducks swim by and an otter skimming the banks of the far side of the canal.  Sitting still in this way is hard for me but I committed to it and not only did I come away feeling calmer but I was rewarded with a new creative idea.  That short break was the catalyst for a productive and fun day in the studio. Give yourself a chance to find some quiet time this weekend and enjoy the benefits!

Have a  blessed day!