Alaska Highlights...


My husband's mom and sister's family moved to Alaska a couple of years ago so we made the visit out there last month to visit.  We also stopped in Seattle along the way and loved it!!  Come along as I share some highlights!

Have a  blessed day!


Photo Jul 23, 8 20 24 PM.jpg

The afternoon view from the room in our B&B in Denali.

Photo Jul 24, 12 44 38 PM.jpg

We saw this beauty on the side of the road in Denali.

Photo Jul 25, 5 48 09 PM.jpg

View from one of our hikes in Denali National Park.

Photo Jul 25, 2 02 47 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 26, 12 14 51 AM.jpg

I was so happy to finally get to meet Eleaca Young in person...a fellow artist.  She and her state trooper hubby joined us for dinner.

Photo Jul 24, 1 23 13 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 24, 4 22 12 PM.jpg

Inside Denali National Park...was surprised that most of the park is tundra.

Photo Jul 24, 5 08 29 PM.jpg

I was amazed at how heavy these were.

Photo Jul 24, 1 51 12 PM.jpg

How cool to get to see this momma and baby in the park!


The view from our room in Denali at 11:30PM - crazy, eh?!

Photo Jul 26, 6 46 14 PM.jpg

Highlights: •It was still daylight at 2:30AM

•We visited the North Pole and the Alaska Pipeline.

•I had one of the best Falafel Pitas I have ever tasted at the Pita Place.

Photo Jul 26, 8 39 15 PM.jpg

We visited the Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge and got to see hundreds of Sandhill Cranes.

Photo Jul 26, 8 24 00 PM.jpg

Birch trees are one of my favorites and they were everywhere.

Photo Jul 30, 10 27 43 PM.jpg

In Seward, we took a whale watching dinner cruise and I had the best lentil quinoa burger at a cool place called Sip N Spin. The cafe was inside a laundry!

Photo Jul 31, 2 47 32 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 01, 8 34 36 AM.jpg
Photo Jul 31, 11 01 07 PM.jpg

If you are ever in Homer, AK be sure to dine at Cafe Cups!  The atmosphere is very quirky and artsy and the food is flavorful and unique!

Photo Aug 01, 5 48 10 PM.jpg

I was pleasantly surprised at the number of beautiful flowers all over Alaksa.  These are called Fireweed and grow wild everywhere!

Photo Aug 01, 11 52 42 PM.jpg

While in Homer we dined at a cute place called The Little Mermaid.  Once again, I got lucky and they had a wonderful vegan dish called Falafel Tapa Plate.  Isn't it pretty!!?

Photo Aug 01, 8 31 00 AM.jpg

I loved this door on the mud room of our little cottage. The little room smelled like lavendar and fresh cut wood. It was a nice little space!

Photo Aug 01, 5 26 39 PM.jpg

I saw artist Drew Michael's Spaces Within exhibit at the Bunnell Street Arts Center.


I was especially drawn to this mask.  The circled wording: "Why can't journals be on masks?"

Photo Aug 03, 12 42 37 AM.jpg

On the most beautiful day of our visit, we decided to do something spontaneous on our way back to Anchorage and rafted down the Kenai River.

Photo Aug 02, 6 08 38 PM.jpg

Cooper Landing was one of the most beautiful places we visited!

Photo Aug 02, 8 16 55 PM.jpg

Our rafting guide, Kristi.  I thought it was funny the contrast between how we were dressed and this was the warmest day we had in Alaska!