The Documented Life Project - 2/8 (Week Seven)...

The Documented Life Project

February 8 - Challenge (Week Seven) -  Draw one shape - repeat - add color.

Visit the Art to the 5th blog for more inspiration.


 I decided to interpret this challenge in a different way. I cut out shapes and repeated them by gluing them to my page with  UHU Stic Glue Sticks.



I started my page by adding layers of acrylic paint.  I used Golden Fluid Acrylics, 2170 Green Gold, Golden Titanium White acrylic paint, Golden Cerulean Blue acrylic paint and Golden Transparent Red Iron Oxide acrylic paint.

I cut shapes from old papers and color copies of my journal pages. I used this ONE and this ONE.

Next, I scribbled around the little houses with a regular no. 2 pencil and a Stabilo Graphite Pencil.

Next, I scribbled around the houses with Portfolio Oil Pastels.


To finish off my page, I added more white paint, black acrylic paint more pencil marks and used a Bic Wite-Out Shake - N Squeeze Correction Pen to make little marks along the top.



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