Face Practice - Week Four...

Here we go with our final week of #facepractice!  Thanks for all the sweet comments of encouragement.  It was not easy keeping up with this for 31 days but I am so glad I did not give up on day 4 when it crossed my mind!

Have a  blessed day!


Molly's morning coffee always gave her the jolt she needed to take on the day with energy and excitement...this is post coffee Molly!


 After baking her famous pumpkin cookies, Eleanor was quite disappointed to discover that cinnamon and cumin look remarkable similar!


 Sylvia, mother of three, always looked put together but despite her attention to detail mistakenly grabbed the diaper cream instead of the moisturizer.


The neighborhood kids teased Jerome, calling him pale and scary...this Halloween he planned to use it to his advantage.


Jane was a bit put off by the question but went back to the bathroom to brush her hair anyway.


 This one is fill in the blank! 

Penelope was in a mischievous mood and was contemplating ______________.


 I know he is creepy but he is my favorite of the whole month!