Face Practice - Week Three Plus One...

Here we go with week three where I decided my odd looking faces needed to tell a story so I wrote a little narrative to go with each one...enjoy!

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Have a  blessed day!


Blind dates can be very stressful so Sylvia's friend gently suggested that she may want to wax her eyebrows.


Toby ran through a quick mental risk assessment and decided he could, in fact, beat John at arm wrestling.


Fred was not self-conscious about his teeth because Maude assured him that she loved him for his winning personality.


Homer might be strappingly handsome and confident but still blushes when a pretty girl smiles at him.


Ingrid was suspicious when her friend told her, "It tastes just like chicken!"


Mimi would have preferred a turtle neck to that off the shoulder drape thing they made her wear in her senior picture.


Judy's hairdresser assured her that her new bangs did not resemble a dirty mop.


When Emily is in an especially good mood she breaks out the Bonne Bell Lip Smacker in Cheerful Cherry!