As a woman of faith, I strive to share joy and encouragement through my art and my blog.  Last year I was asked by Sarah Martin to share my creative journey, how it connects me with God and tips for making time for creativity. I agreed because I saw this as a way to reach the young women Sarah inspires with her Godly life.

A few months ago, Sarah was the spotlight artist featured on the Art to the 5th website.  She is also an amazing artist who sees her art as a part of her expression of who she is and her ministry.  I have great respect for Sarah's ministry and want to congratulate her on her new book called Just RISE UP

Have a  blessed day!




It is common to look at our faith as something that just “is”. It’s not strong, nor is it weak; it’s simply a part of us. But faith is something we desire to strengthen. It is a vital relationship with our Lord that should be nurtured, celebrated, and shouted from the rooftops as the most incredible gift we will ever receive.

Just RISE UP! is a call to do just that. This invigorating study motivates women to do life differently by making Jesus famous in all aspects of life. Many have the itch to make a difference with their lives but don’t know how. By living a life of praise, with a humble posture and a Kingdom perspective, women will step into their life purpose. With Just RISE UP! readers will evaluate their present stance before the Lord and become excited to RISE UP! and take their place in the Kingdom to make the name of Jesus renowned.

Features include:

  • Snippets of conversations with Sarah’s readers
  • Journaling prompts to help the reader dig deeper
  • Questions to facilitate dialogue


Meet Sarah:

Sarah Francis Martin is an wife, mom, friend, mentor, author and wannabe artist. Sarah has invigorates women to get up off the couch of complacency and live out their faith with every square inch of their lives. Reflected in her speaking and in the pages of her books, Sarah looks straight into women’s hearts with her real, raw and relevant approach. With a vision to spark passion for the fame of Jesus, Sarah desires that women in this generation will RISE UP! and do life differently as they step into their God-given purpose and place in God’s kingdom. When she is not writing or working on a teaching message, you can often find Sarah on date nights with her husband, rough housing with her young son or getting messy with craft paint. Read more from Sarah on the Live it Out Blog!

Where To Get Your Copy: