Delightful Surprises...

Sometimes it is a delightful surprise when things don't work out as expected. Being a planner, it is hard for me to be spontaneous but I do try.  With enough preparation, I can be very spontaneous!  Seriously, my recent trip to Grand Cayman with my art buddies was not only relaxing but helped me to gain more confidence as an artist and was full of unexpected surprises and sweet moments I will treasure.

Have a  blessed day!


These photos were taken at different places around the island including the Cayman Island Blow Holes and White Dog Art Studio.


Left to Right: Me holding starfish while vising Stingray City, the girls painting at the water's edge and the ocean at sunset.


One of the big highlights of the trip was making art together.  We passed our journals and lose pages around and we all worked on them to create a collaboration of color and design each unique to the artist.  The end result was amazing! I wrote about this "art colaboration" idea a couple of weeks ago HEREHave you tried it yet? Visit Sandi's blog HERE to read about it from her perspecitve and see her art.


 We were invited to participate in a gathering of local artists called Open Canvas at Karoo. I have never painted in public in this way and it was a little scary but we had a wonderful time and I actually felt a "little" different afterward.  In college I used to be envious as I watched the art students carrying their sketch pads and tool boxes across campus.  On this night, I was finally carrying my own!